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Our services

Our entire team is fully dedicated to providing impeccable service tailored to your requirements and specifications.

The attainment of our objectives, the speed and accuracy with which we deliver projects are the direct result of our construction system that we have rigorously established and has become our hallmark.

We provide the following services for Commercial-Business, Industrial and Multi-dwelling construction projects:

With this kind of project. Cadillac Construction designs the plans for the project, carries out the work and delivers a finished product within specified deadlines. Remuneration may be on a fixed-price or cost-plus basis. The principle underlying this kind of construction contract is that Cadillac Construction is in charge of all the professionals and subcontractors involved in the project.

The advantages for the client consist in having to deal with only one person throughout all phases of the project and that Cadillac Construction assumes responsibility for all aspects of the project.

With this kind of service, the client participates in all phases of the project, from the design stage (plans & specifications) to establishing budgets, to choosing the construction team all the way up to completion. Cadillac Construction acts as the client’s representative and oversees and coordinates the work. Project management fees are either on a fixed-price or cost-plus basis.

The advantage of this type of contract means that construction costs are managed along with and for the client. All savings achieved directly benefit the client.

Cadillac Construction carries out the work set forth in the plans and specifications for a fixed price. However, should the client wish to make changes, the price would be adjusted upwards or downwards accordingly. All changes in the work to be performed require the client’s written consent in a change order form provided for that purpose.

The advantage for the client is that the final price is fixed and there will be no surprises. The client does not bear the financial risk of cost-overruns.

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